Summer brings with it a more carefree driving experience, faster speeds – and more unpredictable weather.

In South Africa we’ve recently experienced ruthless sun which can fade or oxidize vehicle finishes and failure of the clear topcoat or colour coat. Most devastatingly, hail storms can cause a pattern of small dents all over the bodywork as well as damaging windows and sunroofs whilst flash floods can submerge – partly or wholly – motor cars, resulting in mould, corrosion, and rust, especially in coastal areas, where humidity levels are already high. Wind storms can bring street poles, trees and other debris down onto cars, causing dents and scratching to the body work, whilst dust storms can effectively sandblast the bodywork finish.

Worst of all, slippery wet roads – and possibly streets in a state of disrepair – could cause extensive damage to your vehicle. In instances like these, you need professional, experienced auto body specialists like Ross Champion Accident Repair Specialists, who know their way around every bodywork condition that could arise.


Apart from reinstating your vehicle to its former unblemished glory, there are practical considerations for maintaining the aesthetic appearance and functionality of your vehicle’s bodywork. Such conscientious maintenance will retain resale value of your vehicle and reassure potential buyers of the care that has been taken of your car, thus making it easier and quicker to sell and also simultaneously protecting your vehicle’s warrantee. It therefore pays to have weather damage repaired by Ross Champion Accident Repair Specialists, auto body specialists who are concerned with these longer-term factors in the repair of your weather damage and building a service relationship with you.

Auto body specialists should also be keeping you informed and up-to-date with respect to the work executed on your vehicle as well as what parts have been used, whether these are genuine OEM parts and whether your safety is guaranteed in the installation of these parts. Here, too, Ross Champion will keep your mind at ease.