With technology developing at astronomical rates generally, consumers expect nothing less from vehicle paint shops. A combination of high quality finish, technical application and artistry in the contemporary paint shop environment has risen to accommodate needs to service a rising interest in custom cars and – dare we say it – street racing in South Africa.
Therefore, local vehicle paint shops must rise to meet these challenges in order to stay at the top and Ross Champion Motors is no exception.


Research indicates that nearly 60 percent of consumers name colour as a major factor in their vehicle purchase decisions. Nearly 75% of these, however, are for conservative colours such as white, black, gray and silver which bring about their own particular sets of problems, especially when combined with metallic finishes and the like.

Colour, styling and the matching of accessories has become an exact science and professional guidance from OEM’s and vehicle paint shops must be sensitive to subtle changes in a vastly diverse market, including families, technology-effete millennials and muscle car and supercar fanatics.

However, the under-the-skin considerations are also important – effective corrosion protection and effective paint (all the while keeping the sustainable environmental effects top of mind), cost reductions via simplified and fewer process steps, the use of water-based application systems, filler-free painting all go towards cheaper production of ever higher quality and complex finishes – with minimal dependence on toxic chemicals and resource scarcity. Time is also saved via a reduced number of drying periods and shorter drying times.

The main focus of principle vehicle paint shops is to “use only as much paint as required”. Attention is then paid to the eradication of excessive atomization and overspray and electrostatic paint application technologies. Paint booth automation also plays a significant part in quality compliance and material savings. Intelligent paint logistics will ensure the regular maintenance of feeder systems and the recovery of unused paint deposited in these.

Also a priority of vehicle paint shops is the extension, wherever possible, of the new car effect\ as well as tolerance to vehicle washing processes during the usage life of the vehicle. Of necessity, paint shops must be contaminant-free and this is also a priority. Paint mix facilities focus on minimizing colour variation in panel repairs and replacements.

Durable, easy-to-maintain, relatively UV-tolerant clear matt lacquers are fashionable at the moment and they enable a high degree in finish individuality.

So, as can be seen, the considerations modern paint shops must take into account are many and complex. Ross Champion Motors makes it its business to stay on top of developing technologies and market trends and is in the best position to provide you with a dream recolour or seamless repair.