Where does one turn to, when looking for trusted auto body repair in South Africa? Much like the building industry, there are some auto body repair businesses who simply cannot be trusted and do not offer the quality of service that a big group of companies can provide.

One often get to hear horror stories about some auto body repair businesses in South Africa and many of these come from smaller, independent, repair shops.

Here are some tips on finding a business for reputable auto body repair in South Africa:

Business Size
While this is not a sure-fire way to determine the quality of a business’ offering, chances are that an established business will provide a better track record of happy customers within their industry.
Big businesses have a name to protect and often do so by offering better service and products at lower prices.

National Footprint
Is the auto body repair shop you are considering, a one-man show or do they have a national network of branches?
Having a national network generally means that parts can be sourced quicker between branches and at a lower price than individually ordering a part to be delivered.

If a company has a rich history within an industry, you can be assured that they aren’t simply a fly-by-night operation that’s looking to make quick money.
The longer a company has been in business, the better. This means they have a good track record within the auto body repair industry in South Africa and chances are that you’ll walk away a happy customer.

At Ross Champion, we take great pride in our work and service delivery. Our staff are highly trained and ready to assist with your auto body repair needs.